I say I am Christian and a wife, an Author, Radio Presenter, a Blogger, a mother, and stepmother, a granny, and a Personal Assistant and Data Capturer.

I absolutely and unconditionally love the LORD my God, and my husband and children.  I love to write devotionals about the Word of God – the Bible.

I like to incorporate my own feelings and understanding in my blogs.

We all face challenges don’t we, and for me, it is just as difficult as for the next person.  I also get frustrated and irritated and cry and after everything I have tried, I turn back to God.  I seem to learn the hard way, just like a little child always wanting to try it myself before I ask Daddy for help.

I would say that I am a people’s kind of person, I feel their pain and I love to laugh with them.  I always aspire to see the very best in people, never judging and always considering what they might be facing as people there and then.  On meeting people I always place them in the highest bracket on my scale.  Believing the very best of each person.

I do hope you love reading my blogs and seeing what I am doing on my web page.  In the precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I bless you.  Daily Devotional Ebenezer