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Name of the Book:           The Secret code of the Dead

Author:                          Charlie Purple

Personal Quality Rating:   5


[My personal quality rating is a 5, the score that I give to the book on a scale of 0 to 5 based on my personal liking/disliking of the book.  0 is bad and 5’s are great!]


A Science fiction Novel is written using the setting of Dulwich, London as well as some travel to Karbala, Iraq.  This short story of 80 pages is beautifully written and tells a story of four friends.  The main character in the story is David who has been in love with Jen forever.  As a reporter, he has been assigned to travel to Karbala to report on the atrocities that have been taking place in Iraq.  On his travels to Iraq, Karbala he makes friends with Mustafa a taxi driver.

While back in London Hadrian his other friend who is a psychic and or medium is dabbling with some funky stuff.  As I read the story I cried and laughed and cried, the unraveling of this story is so amazing I enjoyed it once I sat down to read it.  The writer has probably some insights into the supernatural and is using this in his book.

The characters in the book are so interesting, I enjoyed the four main characters and definitely loved David and Jen.  Mustafa was funny and I can picture him in real live as well as his beautiful wife Layla.

Social / Historical Content

This is a modern day story which depicts real life events taking place in the world of today.  I believe the purpose of the story is to enlighten the reader of perhaps a supernatural realm.  A mystic and dream world that would be so wonderful, which in away made me wish it could happen.  The reality of the story is that we are dealing with some strange people around us.

People all over the world are basically the same, and we all go through different stages of life.  I felt David’s pain and I also felt his joy.

Writing Style

The writing style as I see it is evocative and commonplace.  It was an easy read and I loved the characters depicted in the story.  The writer knew what he wanted to share with his readers.  I also enjoyed telling the story.

The story narrates a circle of friends and their experience which intertwines with each other.  How they deal with something that comes into play unexpectedly.  The fact that they stand together was amazing.

My Thoughts

This science fiction novel is a real page-turner, I enjoyed all the characters depicted in the story and there was the time I laughed and times that I cried.  I could picture some of the events and it was well written.   To be honest I believe the writer enjoyed telling the story.  He knew what he wanted to share and it was truly a lovely story.

The fiction was almost real; you have to read the story to get the gist of it.  I hope to see more of his books.

2017 so far has been a real challenge for me and my family. I have heard that this year is going to be a bumper year but in the mean time honestly it has been a difficult start.

Bucket List for Yvette

Yes I was able to get a yes from a publisher to publish my book and now for the long wait. In the mean time I must hear how my mom is struggling to find a place to stay and then someone comes along saying that it is shameful that I do not actually do something about it.

Bucket List for my life:

1. I want to ask God for Wisdom, Insight and Understanding
2. I also want to ask God to help me enjoy the traveling that I so wish for.
3. Travel to New Your City and eat a Hot Dog from one of the stands on the side of the road.
4. Travel to Washington DC and check out Arlington.
5. Travel to Israel and to Egypt.
6. Travel to Australia and visit Paul and Carla.
7. Write a drama or crime story and have it published.
8. A brand New Car, Juke in Red with leather cream seats.
9. I want to be able to at least tithe each month anything from R2000 to R20 000
10. I want to buy new furniture, new bedding
11. I want to buy new clothes and make-up
12. I also want to buy toys for my grand daughters.
13. I want to be able to help my mom wherever she is financially
14. I want a beautiful home with a beautiful garden.

I have to still work on more stuff but for now that is what I dream about.

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It has been one helluva ride so far, this year has been really interesting. But on the flip side of the coin I think God is going to change our lives around. There are some people who only make me angry but I will give them over to the Lord.

I am looking forward to a great year dispite the difficulties I am facing this very minute. I believe that my life is in God’s hands, and I believe that God’s hands are not too short to help me – dispite what some people may say and think.

My New Car!

God has only been good to me even when I have been unfaithful. Why will He leave me now? God always comes through for me.

I believe that my life is going to change drastically and suddenly and I think that I am ready to take on new responsibilities.

Watch this space, life is happening all the time and everywhere I look good is coming my way, my families way!
What an awesome God we serve.


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